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Interested in applying to be a LEAP Fellow to accelerate education solutions?

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LEAP Fellows are education researchers and social entrepreneurs looking to support education organizations and advance evidence-based education solutions across the world. 

Selected LEAP Fellows will attend a LEAPathon event where they will meet with newly-selected project host organizations, participate in mentorship and project refinement sessions, and be matched with a team of Fellows and a host organization. Fellows will collaborate with the organizations between 6 to 16 hours a week each for the duration of the sprint. 

The 12-week project sprints will kick off in two waves: one wave will begin in October 2022 and another will begin in February 2023. Fellows will be assigned to a project in one of the two waves according to Fellow availability and project preference.

As a LEAP Fellow, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply your field of study to high-impact social challenges and help strengthen evidence-based education solutions across the world;

  • Network and collaborate with other LEAP Fellows, industry professionals, impact partners and leading development organizations; 

  • Gain professional visibility by working on critical, timely projects with leading global education innovators and enhance your CV;

  • Supplement your income with interesting, meaningful projects and participate on a schedule that is flexible to you;

For the 2022 LEAP Challenge, we are seeking Fellows to support projects focused on improving the evidence base of a product, program, or business model helping to bridge learning gaps for underserved children ages 2-12. 

If you’re interested in becoming a LEAP Fellow and would like to learn more, please view the Eligibility & FAQ.

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