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How You Can Help Design the 2019 MIT Solve Global Challenges

Every year, Solve goes on a quest to find the most promising solutions from entrepreneurs around the globe to solve some of the world’s most pressing Challenges. But how does Solve define those Challenges? Read on for a sneak peek into how we draw input from our community, both at MIT and from around the world, to identify local priorities and determine where Solve can drive the greatest impact.

Challenge Workshops

Built around highly facilitated small-group discussions, these interactive sessions convene cross-sector leaders to discuss and shape Solve’s annual set of Challenges. Our team members are expert facilitators and help guide conversations to gain the most relevant insights.

We have hosted Challenge Workshops at global convenings such as the Global Education and Skills Forum, Station F, and Concordia; with our partners such as General Motors in Detroit, London School of Economics in London, and Novartis in Nairobi; and of course on the MIT campus with faculty and students.

Virtual and In-Person Consultations

In addition to Challenge Workshops, we consult with members of the Solve community, including MIT faculty, Members, and sponsors, early on in the process. These consultations happen both in-person and virtually.

For example, our sustainability team will be working with the UN Environment’s North America Office on two sets of digitally linked discussions with stakeholders around the US and Canada. This approach enables more diverse engagement and models a low-carbon approach to collaborative design.

Online Voting

At Solve, we believe there is talent and ingenuity everywhere. That’s why anyone, anywhere can provide input by voting on a range of different topics. Voters can suggest new Challenge dimensions and vote on the ones that are most relevant to their communities. Through our online voting platform, we aim to reach as many people as possible.

So, how can you have a say in designing Solve’s next global Challenges?

  1. Now through February 4, you can vote on a range of specific topics and choose the ones that are most relevant in your community.
  2. If your organization wants to be part of next year’s coalitions, join us as a Member. We’ll host Member-supported community workshops around the world, and we can use your expertise and support in speaking with as many people as possible. Reach out—we’d love to talk.

Community members participate in a Challenge Workshop during Solve at MIT, May 2018. (Photo: Adam Schultz/MIT Solve)

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