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Meet the Solver Teams: Introducing our Good Jobs & Inclusive Entrepreneurship Solver Class

The nature of work is rapidly changing around the world. Advanced technologies are rapidly automating jobs, while the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed forward years of digital transformation into a few months. Industries are shifting and the makeup of the economy is changing. But even in the midst of an evolving workforce, entrepreneurs and small businesses have a chance to tap into new markets and provide new opportunities for themselves and their communities. 

Solve’s Good Jobs & Inclusive Entrepreneurship Challenge received 705 solutions from 100 different countries. This week at Virtual Solve Challenge Finals, our Challenge Leaders selected 7 Solver teams from a group of 15 finalists. We are thrilled to introduce this year’s Good Jobs & Inclusive Entrepreneurship Solver Class:


D2 connects unemployed, disadvantaged youth in Bangladesh to meaningful remote work opportunities. The work can be completed and compensated with easily accessible technology, like smartphones. 

Humans in the Loop

Humans in the Loop provides refugee communities with training and remote work opportunities in the artificial intelligence industry. 

The Last Mile

The Last Mile empowers incarcerated people in the US with technical education programs and post-release mentorship to help individuals secure meaningful work upon leaving prison. 

The Nucleus 

The Nucleus provides people across Africa with access to education through hardware devices preloaded with more than 70 different structured learning programs. The Nucleus aims to equip Africans with the tech skills needed for the future of the workforce, online or offline. 


SOLshare creates peer-to-peer (P2P) energy microgrids to monetize excess energy and affordably bring solar electricity to the remote, rural, and off-grid communities of Bangladesh.  

Someone Somewhere

Someone Somewhere works with rural artisans to help bring their traditional goods and products to the mainstream online marketplace. Someone Somewhere matches socially conscious consumers with high-quality, authentic products, giving rural artisans access to a modern marketplace. 

Tamo Junto 

Tamo Junto is a free online platform that helps underserved Brazilian micro-entrepreneurs develop their business skills. The program includes lessons on how to price and market their goods, formalize their finances, and more. 

Feeling inspired? Find out how you can support these innovators, and learn more about joining Solve as a Member.

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