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Meet the Solver Teams: Introducing our 7 Health Security & Pandemics Innovators

Covid-19 is the latest in a series of infectious disease emergencies, including cholera, Ebola, SARS, Chikungunya, HIV/AIDS, and influenza. While scientists and drug developers, with support from governments and multilateral organizations, have been rushing to produce and test vaccines and treatments, tech innovators also have a crucial role to play, both in the near-term and to prevent and mitigate future disease outbreaks.

That’s why Solve launched a fifth Global Challenge this year on Health Security & Pandemics Challenge. We asked innovators, how can communities around the world prepare for, detect, and respond to emerging pandemics and health security threats? Social entrepreneurs from 95 countries responded with 736 new and creative solutions to help prevent, detect, and respond to outbreaks, as well as strengthen access to affordable primary healthcare systems, enhance disease surveillance systems, and improve healthcare supply chains.

This week at Virtual Solve Challenge Finals, our expert judges selected seven solutions from a group of 15 outstanding finalists. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the newly selected Solver teams. Meet the 2020 Health Security & Pandemics Solver Class!

AHSA® Platform

AHSA® is an artificial intelligence driven platform that provides insights, action triggers, and recommendations for healthcare supply chain actors to enhance preparedness, procurement planning, and resource mobilization.

Biometrics for Vaccine Delivery

Biometrics for Vaccine Delivery uses contactless facial recognition to identify patients, access and track their vaccination records, and ensure verified delivery of vaccines.

Jute Cellulose-based Biodegradable PPE

Jute Cellulose-based Biodegradable PPE uses jute cellulose, a biodegradable and recyclable plastic alternative, to create affordable, locally-produced, and environmentally-friendly personal protective equipment (PPE).


MapSights is a desktop app that records, visualizes, and maps data to improve Covid-19 decision making and management using predictive analytics.


Moskeet is a smart mosquito disease control system that provides real-time and predictive analytics on mosquito populations, conditions, and transmission using IoT and AI technology to improve disease management.

PENSA *660#

PENSA *660# is a mobile health platform for the general population that delivers health information, answers user questions, performs self-screening, and shares important data with the Mozambique Ministry of Health to help guide decision-making.


PODD is a community-owned mobile app for disease detection and surveillance that enables livestock owners to document sick animals and connect them with local veterinarians and health officials.

Feeling inspired? Find out how you can support these innovators, and learn more about joining Solve as a Member.


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