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Meet the Solver Teams: Introducing our Frontlines of Health Innovators

#HealthForAll means ensuring that everyone, everywhere can access essential quality health services without facing financial hardship. While political leaders play a critical role in advancing universal health coverage, so does innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Earlier this year, Solve announced our Frontlines of Health Challenge, and set out to find the most innovative and potentially impactful solutions that support and invest in frontline health workers and health services. After reviewing 265 solutions (learn more about solution trends here), the results are in.

We’re proud to announce our latest class of Solver teams working at the Frontlines of Health—innovators  expanding access to effective and affordable health care. 

1. Ada4CHW

Ada4CHW is an AI-powered medical reasoning engine built for patients and community health workers to enable better informed decisions, support diagnosis, and improve appropriate care navigation of patients.

2. Akiba ya Roho

Akiba ya Roho is a mobile platform for chronic disease management and health savings that screens, refers, and treats patients in East Africa.

3. E-Heza Digital Health Record

E-Heza Digital Health Record is a low-cost, quality-driven digital health record that’s built to scale improvements in maternal and child health outcomes throughout East Africa.

4. LifeBank

The LifeBank program uses data, smart logistics, and a combination of low and high technology, such as AI and blockchain, to discover and deliver essential medical products.

5. MediCapt

The MediCapt platform allows clinicians to capture sexual violence forensic evidence and securely transmit it to police and justice officials for investigation and prosecution.

6. Neopenda

Neopenda creates a wearable device and custom software that integrates continuous monitoring of newborn pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, and temperature.

7. Refugee Health Workforce Answer To Global Skill Shortage

This blockchain-powered platform drives employability of refugees in the healthcare sector through decentralized professional credentialing.  

8. is a digital resource built for Latin American youth to get answers to their questions about sexual health.

Feeling inspired? Find out how you can support these innovators and learn more about joining Solve as a member.

Frontlines of Health Solver teams at Solve Challenge Finals, September 23, 2018. (Photo: Adam Schultz / MIT Solve)


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