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Meet the Solver Teams: Introducing Our 7 Learning for Girls & Women Innovators

Compared to their male counterparts, girls and young women around the world have unequal access to quality education. Today, out of the 132 million girls worldwide who are out of school—including 52 million in Sub-Saharan Africa alone—16 million will never set foot in a classroom. And yet, investing in girls’ education benefits entire communities and nations. With more education, girls and young women earn higher wages, have lower maternal and newborn mortality rates, are less likely to marry as children or against their will, have more productive agricultural plots, and build greater resilience in the face of the effects of climate change.

That’s why this year, Solve asked innovators around the world, how can marginalized girls and young women access quality learning opportunities to succeed?

Solve’s Learning for Girls & Women Challenge received 422 applications from 80 countries globally. This week at Virtual Solve Challenge Finals, our expert judges selected 7 solutions from a group of 15 outstanding finalists. Each team has a unique and innovative approach to the present and future of educating girls and women, and we are thrilled to introduce the Learning for Girls & Women Solver teams:

Amplify Her Voice

Amplify Her Voice is a secondary school that combines technology tools with a family-centered program to deliver a holistic learning curriculum for rural Mayan girls in Guatemala.

Cascade of Learning 

Cascade of Learning uses social capital to incentivize education in rural communities where women and girls are more likely to drop out of school or be forced to leave their education to support their family. 

Digital Literacy Rights

Digital Literacy Rights advances digital inclusion and bridges learning gaps by providing laptops with preloaded educational content for girls in refugee camps and underserved communities.

Empower 1.5 Million Girls to Go to School!

Empower 1.5 Million Girls to Go to School! leverages advanced analytics and community-led outreach to ensure higher enrollment and retention and improved learning outcomes for out-of-school-girls in India.


Girls-4-Girls is a girl-driven, peer-to-peer learning platform that supports students' learning journeys, both individually and collectively, through a mobile app, SMS messaging, and offline. 

Sisters of Code 

Sisters of Code is the first and only all-female coding club in Cambodia that enables young women to study technology while building confidence and digital skills.

Yiya AirScience

Yiya AirScience uses robocalls, text messages, and daily radio broadcasts to provide interactive science education to Ugandan girls in remote villages.

Feeling inspired? Find out how you can support these innovators, and learn more about joining Solve as a Member.


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