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Reflecting on 2023 at MIT Solve

Hi, Solve community!

I am Hala Hanna, Executive Director of Solve. As we wrap this year, I wanted to take a moment of reflection together. 

Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence are reshaping our world. Our Solvers show us how we can wield its power humanely and ethically, whether to optimize farming, diagnose rare diseases, or personalize learning.

While the shadow of climate change looms large, our innovators are building a greener, 

cleaner future, from weather-resilient farmer's insurance to carbon-neutral housing.

And in a world where technology is being used to make conflicts devastatingly deadly, 

our innovators use technology to build bridges through storytelling and to decrease disparities through accessible health care.

This moment in history challenges us. 

At Solve, we’re not afraid of challenges. In fact, we set out to address some every year. 

We’re finding the innovators who are making a real difference, right now, on the ground. 

And I think you–like us–embrace a challenge. You’ve donated your money, time, or expertise. You are part of this.

So here’s my ask. Donate to Solve

Your support is more than giving, it’s building a better future together. 

Thank you.

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