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Unlocking the ‘AUesome’ World of Autism Therapy: Empowering Children, One Kit at a Time

Team Lead, Anshul Gupta, with AUesome at-home kits

In a world where getting the right kind of therapy for children with autism can often feel like an uphill battle, AUesome stands out as a beacon of hope. This extraordinary company, founded by a group of friends with hearts full of passion, is on a mission to revolutionize autism therapy. They've crafted therapy kits specially designed for children with autism, complemented by a user-friendly digital instructional platform and a mobile app. 

The birth of AUesome: A friendship-fueled vision

The story of AUesome begins with youthful idealism and a shared dream. The company was founded by a group of friends who met at a summer camp and saw the hurdles that many families face in seeking autism therapy. AUesome, a 2023 Solv[ED] solution, is the result of their collective vision. They understood that traditional therapy options often come with a hefty price tag, making them out of reach for countless families. To address this issue, they embarked on a mission to provide affordable therapy kits, a digital platform, and an app to bridge the gap between digital and hands-on therapy.

Tearing down barriers in autism therapy

The challenges in the autism therapy market are well-documented, but AUesome's unique approach sets it apart. Its primary goal is to make therapy resources accessible to those who cannot afford traditional therapy, while also providing an avenue for continued therapy at home for those who do have access to clinical services. This dual-pronged approach ensures that children with autism receive the support they need, regardless of their family's financial situation or location. 

Isabella, Co-founder, designing early-stage at-home kits

One of the standout features of AUesome is its pricing strategy. Instead of following market trends, they've chosen to price products based on production costs and meticulous market research. This reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to affordability and accessibility. Its cost is as low as $10-15, compared to existing systems for therapy which can cost upwards a quarter-million dollars for a person between birth and age 18. According to Gupta, receiving user feedback is an essential aspect of the team’s work, and they embrace both positive and negative input to continuously improve their products.

A sample kit

Assistive technology in autism therapy

While technology and AI have made their mark in various aspects of health care, AUesome acknowledges the unique place of human interaction in autism therapy. Gupta stressed that technology, while powerful, cannot entirely replace the critical role that human connection plays in therapy. AUesome's digital platform and app serve as valuable tools, enhancing the therapy process, and also making them stand apart. Gupta notes that they haven’t come across any other product in the market offering a combination of play kits with an online platform as cost-effective as AUesome.  

While ensuring that a human touch remains at the center of their offerings, the team is mindful of the terminologies they use to operate with as well. “We see our users not as our ‘clients’ but as co-designers. When you build an assistive technology for someone, you are not building it for them; you are creating it with them,” notes Gupta. 

AUesome kits have been shared globally including in Ukrainian schools and hospitals, 2023

Navigating an uncertain future with optimism

Looking ahead, Gupta acknowledges the challenges of maintaining an initiative founded in high school as they transition to the college environment. While the future may hold uncertainties, the team’s passion for their mission remains steadfast. 

“This market is worth $2.01 billion and is projected to grow 7.9% in the next couple of years,” says Gupta. They emphasize the importance of seizing opportunities as students and building a network of like-minded individuals who can support and contribute to their projects ensuring sustainability of such innovative ideas. 

Fundraising initiative in collaboration with organization, Peer1on1

Inspiring the next generation

Gupta concluded with some heartfelt advice for young individuals who aspire to pursue their innovative ideas. He recommended that they make the most of the safety net and resources available during their student years. He encouraged reaching out to peers and mentors and emphasized the importance of not shying away from sacrifices and risks when pursuing their passions. “Regret is a lot worse to live with than failure,” he says. 

Gupta delivering kits to elementary and KIPP schools

AUesome's journey is a testament to the power of youthful determination and the impact that innovative ideas can have on addressing societal challenges. Its mission to make autism therapy more accessible and affordable is not only inspiring but also essential in a world where every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. With AUesome leading the way, the future of autism therapy is looking brighter and more inclusive than ever, filled with hope, compassion, and friendship. 

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