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2021 Digital Workforce Challenge

How can historically underserved communities prepare for, access, and prosper in the digital workforce?

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The Last Mile

To provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for justice-involved individuals through education and technology training

By Sydney Heller

Empower Work

A critical life line for workers amidst COVID-19

By Jaime-Alexis Fowler

SheWorks! Academy Train the Trainers

Bridge the economic gender gap by equipping women with digital skills that enable them to compete in the job market.

By Carla Cassanello


SIID™ Technologies

SIID™ Technologies harnesses the intuitive power of machine learning to mitigate biases within systems and institutions.

By Eri O'Diah

BeeLine Reader

A simple way to make reading on screen more inclusive and accessible

By Nick Lum

KOSA AI - future proofing AI

KOSA AI builds multi-stakeholder AI governance software targeted at detecting and mitigating AI bias throughout the ML lifecycle.

By Layla Li

The Knowledge House

The Bronx Digital Pipeline and expand career opportunities for historically underserved communities of color.

By Jerelyn Rodriguez

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Submitted Solutions

Peer-to-Peer Learning with Kritik

Kritik enables educators to implement peer learning strategies that remove bias and provide students with specific and actionable feedback

By Mohsen Shahini


trellyz - equitable, mobile jobs board

Location-based mobile app will increase access and connectivity, reduce the digital divide and provide equitable skills, training and jobs.

By Ms Shelley Taylor

The Solution for Unemployed Women

Working Women Winning - an 8 week course for women returning to the workforce: Technical training, interview prep, coaching & clothing/shoes

By Debbie Hansen


MentorDash is a remote mentorship web app that connects students from underserved communities to professionals in S.T.E.M. careers.

By Justin Brezhnev


Digna- Thriving Communities

Digna is the first marketplace for talent, products and creative services for black and LGBT+ youth, generating income and entrepreneurship

By Vitória Pinheiro Galvao


Digital transformation skills for women

Digital skills for women in underserved communities: the pathway to the future

By Ms Lisa Mcauley

Seedlyng Financial Education

Seedlyng plants seeds of financial knowledge to help our users understand how money works & grow their bank account.

By Derrick Wesley

Mississippi Coding Academies

A path for the underserved, women, and displaced workers into tech careers as full-stack coders in 11 months, with CPE to senior developer.

By Mr. Richard Sun CFA


Code the Dream

Code the Dream trains diverse workers to develop technology that benefits our communities -- growing opportunity that changes lives and the

By Pamela Bash

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