Solution Pitch

The Problem

Matching supply to demand is the objective of every supply chain. Precision in matching supply to demand, when lives are in the balance, is the key to effective pandemic response. To achieve this, systems must learn from a broad set of data that describes the network and learn from data in the public domain that describes communities. Today, supply chains are merely transactional and backward-looking. Supply chains have hindered the world's ability to react to novel pandemics and disasters.

The technology systems that support pandemic response (and healthcare delivery at large) are designed to document what has already happened. Transactional systems cannot keep pace with the need of the Covid-19 pandemic response or the fast-sweeping health concerns of the future.  Effective emergency response requires up-to-date visibility into the health system. Today, health systems are opaque.

The Solution

STRIATA is a proven, central command for emergency response. This includes technology that predicts the current capacity of the system across each node, insight into the behavior of each catchment population, and recommendations for what the system will require to respond rapidly and efficiently.  STRIATA provides national and health facility-specific optimization of scarce resources.

Market Opportunity

Logistics alone account for around 7 percent of U.S. GDP and supply chains constitute even more. STRIATA works primarily in health, specifically in some of the most challenging settings in the world, environments where there is little to no conventional data and uncertainty and volatility is high. Enabling predictive supply chains forces technology to be resilient and performant in any setting.

Organization Highlights

  • Media features in Protocol, The Verge, and Financial Times.

  • Won The Global Fund Prize at Solve Challenge Finals 2021.

  • Selected for the Decisive Point cohort of the 2021 National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Propel.

Partnership Goals

  • Connections to government and corporations to broaden reach.

  • Engagement with organizations to accelerate scale and collaborate on market and customer strategies. 

Solver Team

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Washington, DC, United States


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Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and California (USA)

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  • Drew Arenth Chief Business Officer, macro-eyes
  • Benjamin Fels CEO, macro-eyes

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