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M’Care Compass

AI-powered app that detects, diagnoses, treats, and limits the spread of diseases and outbreaks for low resource settings

Team Lead

Opeoluwa Ashimi

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Prior to COVID-19, there had been a shortage of healthcare workers in SubSaharan Africa and beyond, with rural communities in low-income countries suffering a dearth of medical doctors and an ineffective health system. COVID-19 has made this even worse with over 115,000 deaths among healthcare workers.

Limited healthcare workers in the face of a pandemic, an overburdened health system, and far-flung geographical locations of rural communities means access to primary healthcare, particularly to prevent the spread and reoccurrence of outbreaks, is constrained. Furthermore, low-income, rural communities have poor communication networks, poor road networks, and no direct access to disease control centers, making top-down coordination of outbreak and epidemic control ineffective.

The Solution

M'Care Compass is an effective and efficient ground-up solution that leverages artificial intelligence and mobile connectivity to detect, diagnose, treat, and limit the spread of common primary care and infectious diseases in rural communities, preventing outbreaks and epidemics. Currently operating in Nigeria, it has a geo-location feature to identify index cases of infectious diseases that could lead to outbreaks and alerts disease control centers in each state to effect appropriate quarantine measures. M'Care Compass is available to networks of verified and trained mobile community health volunteers and workers residing in the communities they serve to ensure effective coverage of communities at risk.


  •  Trained and engaged 322 healthcare workers in under-resourced communities.

Market Opportunity

The African market opportunity is $27 billion as measured by the UNECA, Aliko Dangote Foundation, and GBC Health in 2018.

Organization Highlights

  • Media feature in Forbes.

  • Selected as a Fellow for the Mandela Washington Fellowship in 2018 and for the United Nations Equals in Technology Fellowship in 2019.

Partnership Goals

M’Care App seeks:

  • Connections to state and national ministries of health, as well as non-governmental organizations to scale product.

  • Resources for medication distribution particularly, pharmaceutical manufacturers in Africa.

  • Support for entering new markets, as M’Care grows from 3 states to 10 states.

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Lagos, Nigeria


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