Health Security & Pandemics Challenge


Crowddroning by GLOBHE

Creating a better future with drones by detecting and predicting disasters

Team Lead

Helena Samsioe

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Every year, malaria affects approximately 220 million people and puts around 40 percent of the global population at risk. Furthermore, natural hazards also impact about 218 million people globally every year and are growing due to climate change. These threats pose grave challenges to the humanitarian and public health sectors of the affected regions. Not only do solutions require knowing where the need for aid and assistance is most critical, but many current sources lack the resolution and timely accuracy needed to efficiently help these regions. Tools like satellite imagery can lag anywhere from weeks to years, and with limited resolution, it doesn’t address the needs of sudden-onset events. The problem of accurate and immediate hazard aid is necessary and more important than ever.

The Solution

GLOBHE is creating a better future with drones by detecting and predicting hazards through a “crowddroning” platform, connected to more than 4,000 drones in 90 countries. GLOBHE trains and employs local drone pilots to be able to collect data on demand. The data collected then helps to prevent dangerous situations. Malaria outbreaks can be avoided by finding infected mosquito breeding sites before they become malaria-transmitting mosquitoes, local residents can be warned of drought before it results in a wildfire, and cracks in a bridge can be detected before it collapses.

Market Opportunity

Crowddroning by GLOBHE operates globally in 4 industries: health, water, environment, and infrastructure.  The total costs of malaria outbreaks, clean water and sanitation, and natural hazards sum up to $442 billion per year. 

Organization Highlights

  • Media features in major news outlets, such as Forbes and BBC.

  • Helena Samsioe (team lead) has been named "World's Top 50 Women in Tech" by Forbes, received "Swede of the Year Innovation 2020", ranked as one of the most powerful businesswomen in Sweden, nominated for "Digital Influencer of the Year", and has been featured as the "Drone Queen" on BBC.

Partnership Goals

GLOBHE seeks:

  • Connections to resources for technology platform development.

  • Expansion of client base in need of drone data to predict and respond to disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and more.

Solver Team

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Stockholm, Sweden


Working In:
Malawi, Sweden, Angola, Cyprus, Norway

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