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Sibel's ANNE One

ICU-grade wearable sensor system for advanced remote patient monitoring

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Steve Xu

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The Problem

In the face of unprecedented demand for healthcare services, traditional hospitals are easily overwhelmed. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented strain on healthcare systems worldwide, with a large influx of patients that present health issues ranging from mild infections better managed at home to life-threatening sepsis requiring immediate ICU-level care. In the United States, the available ICU-beds are numbered in the single digits for multiple states. In low- and middle-income countries, healthcare systems are often frailer with inherently lower capacity for both healthcare personnel and essential supplies. The suffering is also disproportionately borne by the most vulnerable: frontline healthcare workers, older adults in long-term assisted living facilities, and low-income individuals who delay necessary care for other conditions.

The Solution

ANNE One is an FDA-cleared physiological monitoring platform that can provide early identification of disease across a wide range of applications. ANNE One is powered by predictive data analytics that allows for the rapid scaling of ICU-grade physiological monitoring for care anywhere. The ability to project care beyond hospital walls allows for tracking early signs of disease in vulnerable populations, monitoring those infected safely in a remote setting to protect precious hospital capacity and frontline workers, and to determine adequate recovery for a safe return to work.


  • 5,000 patients have been monitored to date.

Market Opportunity

The medical monitoring platform is a $19.5 billion market. ANNE One’s system provides use cases that include detecting early infections in high-risk populations, supporting a safe transfer of care from hospitals to homes to preserve capacity and reduce unnecessary exposure to frontline healthcare workers, and tracking recovery of the sick to ensure a safe return to work. Generally, these systems can be used to not only remotely monitor patients anywhere with ICU-grade comprehensiveness, but to also alert users and healthcare providers of signs that may be suggestive of infection in an automated fashion.

Organization Highlights

  • Awarded Spinoff Prize in 2020 by Springer Nature.

  • Received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  • KT Corp of Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sibel Health to launch a pilot project and explore international business opportunities. 

Partnership Goals

Sibel’s ANNE One seeks:

  • Joint development agreements to expand the use and deployment.

  • Connections to hospitals and other existing institutions that can deploy ANNE One.

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