2023 Indigenous Communities Fellowship


Natives Rising

Economic and spiritual empowerment through tech careers, entrepreneurship, STEM education, mentorship, community and belonging.

Team Lead

Danielle Forward

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

The problems Natives Rising is solving for the 9.7 million Native Americans in the US are complex, interconnected and multi-dimensional: financial hardship, poor access to STEM education, gender inequity in tech careers, and lack of self-confidence. Financial hardship is often a prerequisite to solve many other issues, so that remains a core focus.

The Solution

Natives Rising is a nonprofit organization that economically empowers Indigenous communities through tech careers and entrepreneurship. It offers an ecosystem of programs: the largest online community for Indigenous professionals in tech to network and find guidance, a fellowship for Native women college students studying technical majors, a STEM summer camp for Native high school seniors, and launching in 2024, a Founders Circle program for Native Founders to help them develop and launch their companies.

Within all of these programs, Native’s Rising provides mentorship, community, inspiring role models, and special coaching techniques that leverage the power of neuroplasticity to change self-limiting beliefs and reignite inner confidence and pride.

For its Women's Fellowship, Native’s Rising has monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with all of the fellows to further enhance their potential and give them necessary guidance for their career development. Natives Rising also provides scholarships so its fellows can finish their Bachelor's Degrees in tech.


  • 10 women currently the solution’s fellowship program
  • 10 Native entrepreneurs in the Natives Rising Founders Circle
  • 50 participants in the Natives Rising STEM camp
  • Roughly 200 members in Slack/Linkedin community

Market Opportunity

9.7 million Native Americans, with a specific focus on Native American women between the ages of 15-25 years old.

Organization Highlights

For the STEM camps, Natives rising partners with local tech companies for programming and facilities. Most recently, this included Microsoft, Google, and George Washington University.
For its Founders Program, Natives Rising partnered with Tiger Global.

Partnership Goals

Natives Rising seeks:

  • Grant funding opportunities and connections to grant writers.
  • Assistance in bringing programs to more college campuses for the Native community.
  • Support with pitch materials for its current fundraise and connections to donors.

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San Francisco, United States


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United States

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