2023 Indigenous Communities Fellowship


Shawish Market

Shawish is a virtual Indigenous marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces, Shawish does not charge vendors different fees, thus making it affordable and accessible to all.

Team Lead

Amanda Bernard

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

Shawish was created as an online platform that is accessible and affordable while honoring Indigenous Ways of Knowing. The platform not only encourages Indigenous people to become entrepreneurs and promote economic growth but the marketplace also prevents fraudulent Indigenous art.

The Solution

Shawish is a Virtual Indigenous Marketplace where Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs can create their own shop and upload their own products. Unlike other marketplaces Shawish does not charge Indigenous vendors a monthly, transaction or listing fee, therefore making the platform affordable and accessible to help Indigenous economies grow. Buying Indigenous-made products instead of just "Indigenous-inspired" items is a way to become an ally to Indigenous people. Shawish verifies that every purchase comes directly from an Indigenous vendor.


114 verified Indigenous vendors on Shawish Market

Market Opportunity

The current market segment is Indigenous people in Canada and the United States. There are roughly 1.7 million Indigenous people in Canada and an estimated amount of 5.9 million in the USA. The founder has connections to Indigenous communities making the solution well suited.

Organization Highlights

Shawish has partnered with

  • Canadian Roots Exchange
  • Toronto Arts Council
  • Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Project
  • Donna Cone.

Partnership Goals

Shawish Market seeks:

  • Support with website development and maintenance
  • Guidance on the optimal approach to broaden the scope of Shawish.
  • Expertise on business development and strategies for boosting sales.
  • Help to develop a mobile app.
  • Expertise to enhance user-friendliness for both customers and vendors.

Organization Type:
For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Toronto, Canada


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Solution Team:

  • Amanda Bernard Founder, Shawish Market

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