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Platform for BIPOC-led organizations to connect with one another and collaborate

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Meme Styles

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The Problem

Leaders of BIPOC-led organizations need a better way to connect, collaborate, and gain access to funding that supports their work to dismantle racism, among other advocacy efforts.

The Solution

MEASURE is a platform that provides BIPOC-led organizations with a comprehensive cloud-native data catalog, along with impact reporting and collaboration tools to connect them with resources, education, and each other. This platform will act as a force multiplier of change for BIPOC-led organizations and their efforts to end disparities that negatively affect their communities globally. MEASURE is where people can discover data, share their impact metrics, and collaborate to tackle racial equity issues and other advocacy efforts. MEASURE provides a mechanism through which organizations with similar efforts may be matched so that they may combine efforts toward their specific tasks and goals. 


MEASURE has served 14 Black and brown-led organizations and provided 1,239 free data support hours.

Market Opportunity

Racial-equity organizations, specifically Black-led and Black-focused organizations are disproportionately underfunded. Since the global protests following the killing of George Floyd, Fortune 100 companies have committed $66 billion to racial-equity initiatives, with 78 percent of commitments aimed at affordable housing and SME development. MEASURE will assist organizations in creating and elevating their impact metrics in a way that will allow them to seek and ultimately be funded through our platform.

Organization Highlights

  • Won The GM Prize at Solve Challenge Finals

  • Team Lead Meme Styles is an AARO Fellow, past-chairman of Miss Juneteenth, Austin Police Chief’s Award of Excellence recipient, Austin 40 under 40 WINNER 2019, and past-chairman of African TV5 (AFTV5). He also won the DivInc 2021 Nonprofit Leader of the Year. 

Partnership Goals

MEASURE seeks:

  • Culturally relevant and innovative design and website development.

  • Legal support to mitigate risk, stay compliant, and protect users.

  • Business expertise to inform MEASURE’s business model, in order to create sustainable funding for the solution and the organization.

  • Black and Indigenous board members with technological skills to help provide long-term advice to the organization as we grow.

Solver Team

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Austin, TX, United States


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TX, United States

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  • Meme Styles President, MEASURE

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