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Engaging Alzheimer’s patients through AI-based facial recognition

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Emma Yang

Solution Summary

The most prevalent problems caused by Alzheimer’s are memory loss, confusion, and difficulty remembering loved ones. Timeless, a unique mobile app, eases these difficulties and empowers Alzheimer’s patients to remember events and stay connected with loved ones.

Powered by artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology, the app has an “identify” function that recognizes friends and loved ones, helping patients remember names and relationships. Timeless also connects caregivers with family members to inform a patient’s daily schedule and add photos.

Market Opportunity

  • 5.5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s and 8.4 million people receive some form of professional long-term care.
  • Few applications related to Alzheimer’s target patients as users.
  • Few applications connect family, caregivers, and patients to address the daily difficulties of living with Alzheimer’s.


  • Winner of Michael Perelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund’s Discover Your Passion
  • Winner of MIT Enterprise Forum Dream it. Code it. Win it. Best Biometric Award
  • Listed on Crain’s New York 20 Under 20 2016

Organization Goals

  • Maximize app accessibility through low-cost subscription revenue streams
  • Pilot with select brain health centers in 2018
  • Attain 50,000 users by 2020

Existing Partnerships

Timeless’ current partners include:

  • Research with New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center
  • Pilots with Florida Atlantic University and Comprehensive Center for Brain Health
  • Consulting from artificial intelligence and user experience experts

Partnership Goals

Timeless seeks partnerships to support:

  • Consultation with technical developers to bring beta product to market
  • Consultation with designers to improve product’s usability
  • Mentorship from dementia experts

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New York, NY, USA

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Solution Team:

  • Emma Yang Founder, Timeless

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