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Earlier detection of cognitive problems to improve care outcomes

Team Lead

Randall Davis

Solution Summary

A common way to detect neurological problems like Alzheimer’s is through a simple test in which patients draw a clock from memory. Digital Cognition Technologies’ DCTclock transforms this familiar test into a sensitive measure of cognitive function, enabling earlier detection of cognitive disease. With DCTclock, patients use a digital pen that detects motion and pauses that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Powered by patented machine learning and signal processing technology, the system precisely assesses cognitive health. Economical and easily scalable, DCTclock administration doesn’t require a highly skilled provider, and it can be employed in non-English speaking areas.

Market Opportunity

  • Early detection of impairment enables treatment that can change the trajectory of these devastating diseases.
  • This data is crucial to altering the course of disease in participants and can aid clinical trials of new therapies.
  • Current methods are time consuming, invasive, and often prohibitively expensive.


  • Published papers in four journals
  • Presented at 11 conferences
  • Winner of 2016 INFORMS Innovative Applications in Analytics Award (IAAA)
  • Patented machine learning and signal processing technology

Organization Goals

  • Reimbursable business model
  • Raising Series B funding

Existing Partnerships

Digital Cognition Technologies currently partners with:

  • Household-name pharmaceutical companies for pre-market collaboration

Partnership Goals

Digital Cognition Technologies seeks partners for:

  • Series B funding
  • Distribution in primary care settings
  • Promotion among association groups addressing cognition, aging, and related conditions

Solver Team

Organization Type:
For profit

Waltham, MA, USA

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Solution Team:

  • Nancy Briefs President & CEO, Digital Cognition Technologies
  • Allison Byers Senior Vice President, Digital Cognition Technologies, Inc.
  • Randall Davis Co-Founder, DCTclock
  • Dr. Antonia Holway Senior Vice President, Digital Cognition Technologies
  • Dr. Dana Penney Founder & CMO, Digital Cognition Technologies

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