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Globally, more than 300 million people struggle with depression. Tomo, a mobile chatbot app, increases access to treatment by providing personalized mental health support. The app automates the iterative process of behavioral activation therapy to motivate users to adopt healthy habits.

In this process, Tomo connects users in an anonymous, distributed buddy system and gives them a platform to share photos of completed healthy tasks. Once posted, other users validate the action by commenting on and liking the photo, encouraging positive behavioral change.

Market Opportunity

  • One in five people globally with experience serious depression at some point in their lives.
  • Over 75 percent of people who meet the criteria for depression go untreated.
  • Behavioral activation is an effective, low-cost means of treating and preventing mental illness.


  • $400,000 raised from 18 angel investors
  • Piloting solution with select corporate clients

Organization Goals

  • Begin earning revenue in 2018
  • Attain one year of runway in 2018
  • Run independent research study in 2018

Existing Partnerships

Tomo’s current partners include:

  • Research through London South Bank University and National Health Service (UK)
  • Pilot with Byrne Dean
  • Funding from Oxford Investment Opportunity Network and London Digital Mental Wellbeing Project

Partnership Goals

Tomo seeks partners for:

  • Corporate distribution
  • University research to examine Tomo with diverse populations
  • Consulting on large scale clinical trials
  • Scaling Tomo to developing economies

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For profit

London, UK

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UK, Saudi Arabia



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