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Innovating mental health therapy though virtual reality

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William Hamilton

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Around the world, hundreds of millions of people struggle with untreated mental illness. With an innovative virtual reality (VR) platform, Mimerse increases access to treatment by enabling anyone, anywhere to self-administer psychological therapies.

With Mimerse, users can progress at their own rate as they tackle phobias or other mental health related disorders. Through evidence-based psychological treatments, the platform uses virtual reality applications to teach users how to think, feel, and behave more constructively.

Market Opportunity

  • Over 75 percent of people who meet the criteria for depression go untreated.
  • VR technology can scale treatment to reach people regardless of where they live.


  • First automated VR cognitive-based therapy successfully tested in a randomized controlled trial
  • 42,000 downloads on Samsung Gear VR platform

Organization Goals

  • Develop and test three new treatment modules for pain distraction, relaxation, anxiety, and phobias in clinical trials
  • Release treatment platforms in business and consumer markets

Existing Partnerships

Mimerse currently partners with:

  • Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat to create painkiller alternatives
  • Device partners: Samsung, Oculus, HTC
  • The Swedish Government for funding
  • Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University for research support
  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Stockholm South General Hospital, and Apotek Hjärtat for distribution

Partnership Goals

Mimerse seeks partners to:

  • Run clinical trials to further validate efficacy
  • Expand user base through distribution with health organizations
  • Advise development of new mental health products

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For profit

Stockholm, Sweden

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