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Carbon-Neutral Syngas by ATCO

Repurposing fossil fuel infrastructure to produce renewable natural gas

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Ed Cullinan

The Solution

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available. However, changes to environmental policies and public perception are prompting the gas industry to re-evaluate its place in a carbon-free world. Renewable technologies are continually growing in efficiency and popularity while decreasing in cost. We must act to mitigate the ecologically and environmentally damaging effects of increasing carbon contributions to our atmosphere, but the prompt phasing out of fossil fuel infrastructure will waste millions of dollars of facilities. 

ATCO is a diversified global holding corporation  that’s working to co-locate renewable energy and a reversible fuel cell to allow production and storage of carbon-neutral syngas using CO2 from point source emissions or the atmosphere. This approach can replace the fossil methane used for heating and electricity generation while making use of existing infrastructure. Repurposing fossil fuel infrastructure alleviates the financial strain of transitioning to clean energy, proving that renewable technology can be supported by resources from the fossil fuel era.

Existing Partnerships

ATCO has invested in SeeO2 Energy Inc. to continue project development. SeeO2 Energy Inc. are developing an efficient and high performance reversible solid oxide fuel cell with a high-performance catalyst material for the electrochemical conversion of water and carbon dioxide to syngas. 

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For Profit

Calgary, Canada


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  • Ed Cullinan Senior Engineer, Research and Innovation, ATCO Pipelines and Liquids

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