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Green Gas

Offsetting car owners’ carbon pollution by funding certified clean air projects

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Kyle Kornack

The Solution

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are concerned about climate change, yet find it difficult to not contribute to the problem when they travel. Transportation, meanwhile, is the second greatest contributor of climate change in the U.S., and emissions from this sector have failed to decline. We need to act far faster if we want to prevent catastrophic climate change. 

Green Gas is an emerging social enterprise that connects carbon offsets with retail fossil fuels to catalyze public advocacy and funding for climate solutions. Green Gas provides drivers the opportunity to pay for the impact that their gas has on the earth, working with gasoline and fuel companies to provide customers with convenient ways to pay a micro-contribution that funds accredited, rigorously vetted projects that restore carbon into the earth. At just $0.10 per gallon for a 100 percent offset, consumers can feel confident they are making an easy environmental decision that will have a profound impact. Green Gas believes their Green Gas technology will play a fundamental role in furthering the movement toward a sustainable, wiser, and more prosperous civilization. At-the-pump donation mechanisms not only neutralize driver emissions—they help people recognize that a carbon neutral lifestyle is well within reach. 

Existing Partnerships

Green Gas has partnered with one petroleum energy distributor and three clean air projects:

  • Tiger Fuel, a Virginia-based propane, oil, and gasoline distributor
  • The GreenTrees reforestation project is a one-million-acre conservation initiative certified by the American Carbon Registry and based in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. 
  • Talking Root funds rural and indigenous Nicaraguans to plant trees and crops, restoring the natural habitat and generating income for the Limlay Valley community. This project is certified by Plan Vivo Standard.
  • Green Gas has partnered with a Massachusetts landfill that seeks to convert its dangerous methane fumes into electricity that powers 2,500 New England homes.

Solver Team

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Boston, MA, USA


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  • Kyle Kornack Executive Director, Global Citizens Imperative


Offsetting Carbon Emissions from Cars

Solver Green Gas received the Echoing Green Climate Fellowship from Echoing Green in 2018 to offset car owners’ carbon pollution by funding certified clean air projects.

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