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A global, blockchain-enabled rewards platform designed to change people’s behaviors and prevent diabetes

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Diego Espinosa

The Solution

Millions of individuals are diagnosed with diabetes that costs insurers, individuals, and governments significant sums of money in order to manage. The costs to healthcare providers are enormous and continue to grow as more people are diagnosed with diabetes. The costs to individuals in terms of their quality of life are even more severe. 

Healthcoin believes that diabetes is a preventable disease and that through preventative practices health systems can avoid having to manage treatment practices for diabetes further down the road. A blockchain-based tracking and rewarding platform for diabetes patients, Healthcoin helps patients monitor and improve their health by inputting data for specific biomarkers on this "proof of prevention" platform. As users submit biomarker data, the blockchain automatically calculates their improvement, then rewards the user digital tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for rewards determined by the patient's prevention network (both clinical and non-clinical). In addition, the patient can sell their data for research purposes and store clinical and personal wearables data anonymously on a blockchain.

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