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An incentive-based system that helps individuals make better nutrition choices

Team Lead

Malena Gonzalez

The Solution

Half of American adults have one or more preventable, diet-related chronic disease. Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) patients, for instance, need a lifestyle change in their entire's family's nutrition to be able to sustain a healthy diet in the long term. Today, they lack the right tools to be empowered and educated on how to make daily nutrition choices for their family.  This is a problem for providers and payers too, as they struggle to make interventions between patients’ visits to the doctor. 

Offered as a patient health monitoring system and company wellness solution, NutriCount is an incentive-based system designed to help people make better nutritional choices. Designed as an accessible, easy-to-use mobile application, patients take pictures of their grocery receipts and Nutricount turns the information into nutrition information, recommendations, and goals, thereby educating consumers at every food purchase. By combining nutrition expertise, data analytics, machine learning, and psychology, this sustainable and efficient solution enables providers to track the nutrition content of patients' grocery purchases to positively impact the behavior of patients with diet-related chronic diseases. In addition, detailed nutrition records can be generated from the data for population monitoring. 

Existing Partnerships

NutriCount has partnered with the following organizations:

  • AARP
  • MIT Venture Mentoring Service
  • MIT Ideas Global Challenge

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Cambridge, MA, USA


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Solution Team:

  • Malena Gonzalez Co-Founder, NutriCount Inc.

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