Chronic Diseases


Nightingale Health

Preventing heart disease and diabetes through a disruptive blood analysis platform

Team Lead

Antti Kangas

The Solution

The annual costs of cardiovascular disease and diabetes account to over 1.3 trillion dollars worldwide, 0.6% of the world’s GDP. Furthermore, cholesterol testing is widely considered an insufficient predictor of heart disease and diabetes—a major concern, as heart disease is the leading cause of death globally.

Nightingale Health believes that just treating the symptoms of chronic diseases is not enough, which is why they focus on developing preventative tools that enable proactive treatment are also necessary. Detailed molecular-level data is essential to be able to predict and prevent chronic diseases, but until now, extensive data has not been made available; in routine clinical practice, typically only five biomarkers are captured to diagnose and treat chronic diseases. Nightingale's blood analysis platform combines detailed molecular data with affordable running costs to provide over 220 biomarkers from a single blood sample. The blood analysis service is widely used in research to advance the molecular understanding of chronic disease development and improve prediction of disease onset. Their platform has been featured in over 100 peer-reviewed publications, and the Nightingale team is collaborating with the world's leading universities and medical institutions.

Existing Partnerships

Nightingale Health has partnered with several organizations and institutions, including:

  • University of Oxford
  • StartUp Health
  • Nokia
  • Fazer
  • Coronaria, a Finnish health service provider
  • EuropaBio Association

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Helsinki, Finland


Working in:
European Union, Finland, UK



Solution Team:

  • Antti Kangas Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Nightingale Health

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