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Omiflo combats severe wastewater pollution using energy and chemical-free systems that convert wastewater to clean water using natural plant-based biotechnology.

Team Lead

Mshila Sio

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

Omiflo is tackling the severe lack of sewage treatment infrastructure in developing nations. Over 90% of the wastewater is discharged entirely untreated. As a result, almost 2 billion people use a source of drinking water contaminated with feces and about 80% of illnesses are linked to inadequate water and sanitation.

The Solution

The Omiflo system is a plant-based biotechnology system that combines phytoremediation and hydroponics principles to recycle wastewater more effectively and sustainably than conventional technologies.

The innovation uses no energy or chemicals, eliminates smells entirely, and provides high effectiveness in a significantly smaller footprint than open ponds or constructed wetlands. The system is self-sustaining with no moving parts, making it robust and sustainable.
Omiflo delivers the effectiveness of electro-mechanical systems without their entry and operational barriers. Omiflo reduces the need for costly infrastructure or technical expertise usually required to benefit from wastewater treatment.


3,500 lives affected by 30 wastewater treatment projects

Market Opportunity

Omiflo’s current market segment is developers for housing and construction, hotels, lodges, and schools.
It aims to continue growing this segment and pivot to provide B2B services. This segment includes private operators who provide transport services for on-site sanitation. These transporters need convenient, affordable and effective dumping sites

Organization Highlights

Omiflo is collaborating with the Nairobi rivers commission whose mandate is to rehabilitate the Nairobi rivers. It has signed a framework of cooperation to design and develop projects due to the impact and nature of our technology. Omiflo has developed an educational project in Nairobi with the African Fund for endangered wildlife that schools visit daily. Students tour the project and learn about the impact of untreated wastewater and the impact of green nature-based technologies.

Partnership Goals

Omiflo seeks:

  • Investment to build reception sites for trucks that transport and dump sewage from on site sanitation. Omiflo aims to build a tech-enabled aggregation platform to manage the collection and treatment and it seeks financial aid/ funding for this.

Organization Type:
For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Nairobi, Kenya


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