Climate Adaptation & Low-Carbon Housing Challenge



Smart Greenhouses, fitted with FarmShield IoT sensors, optimize irrigation, increase yields and reduce input costs, building farmers’ resilience to climate change.

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Taita Ngetich

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

Synnefa targets the problem of low-productivity and climate vulnerability affecting smallholder farmers in Africa, impacting food security. Using Smart Greenhouses with IoT, AI, and ML, Synnefa enhances food production, resilience, and income, addressing a global issue that affects a significant portion of the population in developing countries.

The Solution

"FarmShield Smart Greenhouses" is an innovative technology that combines IoT sensors, AI, and ML to optimize irrigation, increase yields by 30%, and reduce input costs by 40% for smallholder farmers in developing countries. Equipped with solar-powered FarmShield IoT sensors, the smart greenhouse extends the growing season and automates irrigation, saving over 50% water use. The sensors collect data on farm conditions, translating it into actionable recommendations via FarmCloud, Synnefa’s cloud-based platform. Farmers receive real-time information, training on climate-smart practices, and comprehensive farm management tools, including connections with skilled agronomists. By leveraging technologies like IoT, AI, and ML, Smart Greenhouses enable farmers to make informed decisions, adapt to climate change, and make complex farming feel simple.


18,655 people have purchased Synnefa’s products and services.

Market Opportunity

Synnefa targets smallholder farming and B2B precision farming segments in Africa, targeting 250 million smallholders and agenterprises. Customizable smart greenhouses cater to smallholders with less than 2 ha, while optimizing production for export-oriented agenterprises. The total market size is $36.9 billion, with a Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) of $1.7 billion.

Organization Highlights

  • Collaboration with donor organizations such as USAID and USADF, who fund pilot projects and provide risk-free capital for tracking and measuring impact.
  • Partnerships with lending institutions enable Synnefa to utilize data to credit score farmers, unlocking lending opportunities and facilitating the purchase of smart greenhouses in installments.
  • Synnefa works with research organizations to enrich its data collection and analysis framework, generating more accurate insights for its farmers. These partnerships collectively contribute to its mission of optimizing irrigation, increasing yields, and building resilience to climate change for smallholder farmers and agenterprises.

Partnership Goals

Synnefa seeks:

  • Strategic support in designing and implementing a robust distribution network for its FarmShield devices through retailers and agro dealers. This includes assistance in identifying potential partners, negotiating agreements, developing marketing strategies, and establishing a supply chain that ensures timely and efficient delivery within the next 6-12 months.
  • Expertise in finalizing the investment agreements, due diligence, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for closing of a $750,000 seed round. Assistance in navigating negotiations, structuring the deal, and ensuring alignment with the long-term strategic goals is crucial as Synnefa aims to finalize the round within the next 3-4 months

Organization Type:
For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Nairobi, Kenya


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Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania

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