Climate Adaptation & Low-Carbon Housing Challenge



Leaders of affordable climate control systems, enhancing climate adaptation and resilience for the developing world.

Team Lead

Muhammad Hassamuddin

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

Rising temperatures due to climate change has made life even more difficult for those unable to afford air-conditioning in the developing world. GeoAirCon provides relief to masses through affordable provision of thermal comfort at a fraction of the cost of conventional options.

The Solution

GeoAirCon is a low-cost climate control technology that utilizes the ground as a climate battery to provide affordable and sustainable thermal comfort to the masses.


500 inhabitants impacted via buildings in which geo aircon systems have been installed; buildings include houses, hostels and commercial buildings.

Market Opportunity

Low to medium income households. Large housing projects, hostels, schools, halls and commercial spaces.

Organization Highlights

  • GeoAirCon has primarily developed the solution in its own capacity with no intellectual property sharing with any other entity.
  • GeoAirCon partners with multiple academic institutions such as LUMS, NUST, AIOU for collaboration on research work of associated aspects of the solution.

Partnership Goals

GeoAirCon seeks:

  • Collaboration with experts in thermal and fluid modeling to further refine the product.
  • Assistance in identifying potential supporters for provision of technology to those unable to afford.

Organization Type:
Hybrid of for-profit and nonprofit

Islamabad, Pakistan


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