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Fighting corruption through civilian-led tracking of government transactions

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Rafael dos Anjos

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Corruption is an annual $50 billion drain on roughly 80 percent of Brazilian municipalities, and the 54 million people who depend on basic public services are the ones most affected by it. Though the Brazilian government collects substantial data, public accounting departments have not yet automated and most financial inspections are done on an ad-hoc basis, which limits citizen visibility into how resources are used.

The Solution

RevelaGov combines artificial intelligence and anonymous whistleblowing to publicize cases of corruption in Brazil. Its findings help users and prosecutors pressure local governments to improve the quality of public services, and they also help reverse entrenched cultural norms around corruption.

The artificial intelligence platform analyzes public data to map statistical irregularities that often indicate corruption. The RevelaGov app then shares these findings so that administrators can correct them—and so that civic society can pressure elected officials into taking action. The app also accepts and rewards anonymous reports of corruption, like solicitation of bribes or tax fraud, to spur further changes.

Market Opportunity

An estimated 1 to 4 percent of Brazilian GDP is lost every year as a result of corruption. RevelaGov’s automated approach makes it more scalable than other solutions that rely on extensive human resources to tackle corruption. Currently, an estimated 600,000 people benefit from the advocacy and pressure generated by partner NGOs using the RevelaGov platform. RevelaGov aims to operate in the Brazilian market of 5,600 NGOs and cities for a total of $1.4 million in monthly sales.

Partnership Goals

RevelaGov currently seeks:

  • Media exposure to increase its visibility to Brazilian citizens;
  • UX expertise to enhance its platform;
  • An advisory board that includes experts in business, technology, and anticorruption experience; and
  • Connections to investors and other financial partners to support its fundraising strategy.

Organization Highlights

Some of RevelaGov’s notable achievements include:

  • Media features in Globo, the largest mass media group in Latin America, as well as other Brailian media including Revide, Conquista FM, and ACidade ON; and
  • A pilot with São Paulo Public Prosecutor's Office that included an anti-corruption event gathering more than 1,500 users to the platform.

Existing Partnerships

RevelaGov currently partners with civic and government institutions to pilot its solution, including:

  • Instituto Ribeirão 2030, which provides capital and resources to support deployments;
  • Frente Cívica;
  • Observatório Social de Ribeirão Preto;
  • Observatório Social de São Caetano do Sul; and
  • Instituto Não Aceito Corrupção.


RevelaGov has already mapped more than 1 million irregularities in Brazil’s public administrations.

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Ribeirão Preto, Brazil

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Economic Prosperity

Enabling Civilians to Fight Corruption

Solver RevelaGov, which fights corruption through civilian-led tracking of government transactions, received a $10,000 grant from Solve in 2019 for being selected as a Community-Driven Innovation Solver.

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