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Personal computing solution to provide access to modern digital learning and productivity tools

Team Lead

Sucheta Baliga

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Smartphone ownership in India is expected to reach nearly 1 billion devices by 2025. However, only 10 percent of Indian households now access broadband internet and half as many own or access a computer; leaving 1.3 billion people without the opportunity to fully participate in the digital economy.

The Solution

JumpToPC is a device and software kit that augments a household’s existing smartphone and television to provide access to an affordable at-home personal computer. The JumpToPC mobile application provides first-time computer users with a library of practical tutorials, interactive activities, and curated learning content personalized for India’s diverse learning and productivity needs.


JumpToPC enables 80 percent of Indians who lack basic digital skills and tools, to have a stake in the growing digital economy and reduce the digital divide. 

Market Opportunity

135 million Indian households that comprise the bottom 50 percent income segment spend an average of 8,000 INR ($105 USD) on educational expenses. At under 4,000 INR, JumpToPC is a viable educational investment for these families, aside from the productivity benefits that it can offer.

Organization Highlights

  • Partnered with Greenway Appliances for manufacturing and distribution.

  • Partnered with MIT D-Lab to adapt MIT educational content for JumpToPC users and measure impact. 

  • Represented India in the global finals for the Gulf International Tech Exposition.

Partnership Goals

JumpToPC seeks:

  • Feedback and advice for pitching and negotiation with investors.

  • Better data collection processes to measure and communicate impact.

  • Mentorship on human resources when scaling an organization.

  • Consulting on organizing logistics and reaching communities that need JumpToPC.

  • Support for incorporating new business models.

  • Connections to in-country original design manufacturers for electronics and injection-molded plastics.

Solver Team

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Mumbai, India


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Solution Team:

  • Sucheta Baliga Founder and CEO, JumpStream
  • Soumya Sethi Product Manager, JumpStream, JumpStream

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