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The Problem

Digital access is made impossible by expensive tariffs, the absence of devices, and a lack of understanding. These structural factors construct a paywall around the internet that is impossible to cross for many of the world's marginalized and underserved populations, denying them the opportunity to access education and remote services.

The Solution

Hello World partners with communities to build Hello Hubs—solar-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled computer kiosks, each fitted with eight tablet screens and offers Wi-Fi connectivity to anyone with their own device. The community can access the internet via the devices in the hub or through any device capable of accessing a Wi-Fi signal. Hubs are built in partnership with the community and are designed to be durable, affordable, and easily repairable. By teaching the community to build, maintain, and repair the hub during its installation, the hub becomes community property. Further, it is constructed from locally available ”off the shelf” parts, making hub repairs easy and affordable. 


  • Hello World has connected 32,000 people to free internet, helping them gain access to education resources, new skills, and communication.

  • To date, Hello World has built 32 Hello Hubs in Nepal and Uganda.

Market Opportunity

Global estimates for education spending approach $5 trillion. With 258 million children out of school, Hello Hubs provide an educational opportunity that is affordable and scalable. Hello Hubs offer a solution to bringing the world online, which could add over $6 trillion to the global economy. 

Organization Highlights

  • Won The Andan Prize for Innovation in Refugee Inclusion and The HP Prize for Advancing Digital Equity at Solve Challenge Finals.

Partnership Goals

Hello World seeks:

  • Publicity and exposure.

  • Connections to organizations to spread their open-source “How-To” guide for creating Hello Hubs.

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London, United Kingdom


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Uganda, Nepal

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