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The Problem

Smallholder farmers are trapped in generational poverty because they can't access credit to improve their crop yields. Markets are inefficient and dominated by middlemen, yet 70 percent of Africa's arable land remains unfarmed and growth potential is huge. Agricultural businesses face many challenges, including cash flow, seasonality, losing profits to middlemen, and natural disasters.

The Solution

hiveonline is building sustainable digital economies for communities of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. It's based on blockchain, laying the rails of the distributed economy and delivered to communities like savings groups and agricultural cooperatives. Members don't need a phone to have an ID, wallet, or digital history. hiveonline builds alternative credit history based on commercial behavior and facilitates market access, cutting out middlemen and ensuring farmers get better upsides. 

Market Opportunity

Most farmers in hiveonline’s target market don’t have any access to financial services, which is perpetuating generational poverty. hiveonline presents the opportunity for farmers to multiply their productivity three times over and increase land use by 70 percent. NGOs today spend $38 billion on cash and voucher assistance to these and other groups, presenting a multi-billion opportunity for these digital vouchers.

Organization Highlights

  • Partnered with Save the Children - Lebanon.

  • Won The AI for Humanity Prize, Innovation for Women Prize, and The GSR Prize at Solve Challenge Finals.

Partnership Goals

hiveonline seeks:

  • Better product model and strategy.

  • Support for digital assets regulation.

  • Consulting on identity management, particularly self-sovereign identity and UX design, to help address the challenges of working with customers who are illiterate.

  • Brand and marketing support.

  • Support in closing NGO sales through efficient pipeline management.

Solver Team

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Copenhagen, Denmark


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Zambia, Mozambique, Uganda

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