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Moving Health

We design, build, and distribute safe, emergency transportation in ambulances in areas without ambulance coverage.

Team Lead

Emily Young

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Transportation is one of the top two reasons people are unable to receive medical care. Ambulances are scarce and unsustainable due to cost and road conditions in certain regions of the world like Ghana. Many laboring mothers die making the journey to a hospital on foot or by motorcycle, and many who don't take the journey die of treatable complications at home.

The Solution

The Moving Health motorcycle ambulance is designed for the emergency transportation of laboring mothers in difficult terrain (although anyone in the community can be transported). This participatory design process keeps costs down and creates jobs for engineers, dispatchers, nurses, and drivers. The goal is to make the ambulances as self-sustaining as possible by creating work for local manufacturers and building the local economy.

Moving Health ambulances cost 1-2% of the price of a traditional ambulance, are manufactured locally for convenient maintenance, and include a tested suspension system that minimizes turbulence on difficult roads. Communities participate in the design process through interviews, focus groups, prototype review, and manufacturing. Every aspect of the vehicle is tailored to the needs of each community.


  • 150 patient rides to the hospital have been taken since the pilot launched in 2021.

  • Around 10,000 people now have emergency coverage that was not in place before the implementation of Moving Health in their communities.

Market Opportunity

The target market segment, healthcare spending in rural Ghana, is $1.0 billion USD according to the World Bank. More than 13 million Ghanaians lack access to emergency transport necessary for adequate healthcare. With its successful ambulance pilot in Sissala East, Moving Health has proven its ability to fill this gap.

Organization Highlights

  • Virtue Foundation – Implementing Partner

  • Sissala East Health Directorate – Implementing Partner (District Branch of Ghana Health Service)

  • Sissala East National Ambulance Service Branch – Training and Implementation Partner (District Branch of Ghana National Ambulance Service)

  • Sissala East National Fire Service Branch – Training Partner (District Branch of Ghana National Fire Service)

Partnership Goals

Moving Health seeks:

  • Increase funding for growth by building capability to raise more funds through grants and philanthropic means.

  • Expertise on building a sustainable and innovative building model.

  • Expansion of manufacturing and services in Ghana.

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Stage: Growth

Working In: Ghana

Current Employees: 15

Solution Website: www.moving.health 

Solution Team:

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