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Improving health outcomes by expanding access to non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) to under-resourced communities.

Team Lead

Erica Plybeah

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Over five million people in the United States delay medical care because they do not have transportation. Annually, over three million people do not receive care at all due to lack of reliable transportation. Missed appointments, care delays, and misuse of emergency services cost the US health system over $180 billion annually.

The Solution

MedHaul is a technology platform that streamlines the scheduling and delivery of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for under-resourced patient populations. The online platform carefully screens the transportation requirements of each patient and automatically matches the appropriate vehicle type and capability with driver availability to quickly confirm ride requests. To date, MedHaul has completed over 9,000 rides, and increased the overall volume of patients attending their appointments on time from 40% to 92%. MedHaul's solution has been strategically developed to ensure the ability to support patients and their caregivers who are managing a wide variety of medically-related needs. Managing diseases that require frequent visits, like diabetes and cancer, requires reliable access to transportation to help get to and from appointments.

partial view of MedHaul’s scheduling platform


  • There are currently 29,902 booking/scheduling users from customer organizations, patient riders, drivers, and owners of the transportation companies that are part of MedHaul’s network.

Market Opportunity

The total addressable market is $107 billion and includes all US health systems and clinical trial transportation opportunities. MedHaul’s serviceable, addressable market of $42 billion more specifically addresses the market of individuals facing an opportunity gap which includes the elderly, people with a disability, and those living in under-resourced communities.

Organization Highlights

MedHaul has supported entities in the following ways:

  • Hospitals/health systems: to help reduce emergency room visits, reduce readmission rates, and streamline discharges to free up beds for other patients in need

  • Clinics/doctor’s offices: to ensure patients are seen regularly as needs as delays in care can lead to increased complexities which requires more costly care treatments

  • Community Based Foundations and Organizations: organizations who have/receive funding to provide resources to community members leverage MedHaul’s services to provide transportation to medically related visits/needs versus only being able to provide a list of phone numbers for individuals in need to contact on their own. Navigating these resources can often be confusing and the use of MedHaul simplifies the process for all involved parties.

  • Emergency Services Groups: redirect non-emergency 911 calls to schedule rides through MedHaul versus sending out ambulances which can cost thousands of dollars each ride

Partnership Goals

MedHaul seeks:

  • Expertise on defining and building AI, ML, or specific feature of solution

  • Expertise on business development or sales

  • Expertise on product management / review of a product roadmap

  • Expertise on human resources and hiring strategy

  • Advice on opening/closing a funding round

  • Expertise on grant applications

  • Expertise on accounting and financial reporting

2022 Black & Brown Innovator

Organization Type: For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Headquarters: Memphis, TN

Stage: Growth

Working In: Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas

Current Employees: 5

Solution Website: https://www.gomedhaul.com/

Solution Team:

  • Erica Plybeah Founder & CEO, MedHaul

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