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Oxygen as a Service

Improving equitable access to medical care by using digitized solutions to efficiently manage medical oxygen delivery and availability.

Team Lead

Aishat Adeniji

Solution Pitch

The Problem

According to UNICEF and CHAI, Sub-Saharan Africa lacks the infrastructure to manage respiratory conditions across age groups. Nigeria has the highest global, under-five pneumonia mortality rate, recording 443 daily deaths, with less than 25% of hospitals having end-to-end solutions for patients. Nine in 10 Nigerians also cover healthcare costs out-of-pocket.

The Solution

HealthPort is a health tech startup improving access to medical care by addressing critical touchpoints in the care spectrum. The patient-centric Oxygen as a Service solution gives hospitals access to reliable medical oxygen at affordable costs to the patients using the 02 Cube, a solar-powered Micro PSA Plant.

Using multifaceted health system integration, the solution targets infrastructure readiness, knowledge gap, and cost barriers to improve oxygen access in Sub-Saharan Africa. Partner hospitals can access critical medical resources that significantly reduce oxygen-related mortality while improving clinician productivity and patient outcomes with strategic partnerships, local upskilling, and innovative cost models.


  • An estimated 28,000 patients are accessing oxygen every year as a result of the solution.

Market Opportunity

The market opportunity is small to mid-size hospitals in rural and peri-urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa– a market segment of $72 billion USD. These facilities lack adequate medical infrastructure and offer maternity/pediatric services, thus reaching a higher-risk population who usually cannot afford medical care.

Organization Highlights

  • LeanMed LLC: A medical device company working with Oxygen as a Service to develop an enhanced Micro PSA Plant - (02 Cube 2.0) for use in LMICs.

  • Oxygen for Life: A nonprofit organization in Nigeria working to develop the local capacity of technicians and clinicians for Oxygen as a Service.

  • Every Breath Counts: A global advocacy group for respiratory illness management and accessible medical oxygen.

Partnership Goals

Oxygen as a Service seeks:

  • Expertise in market / product expansion

Organization Type: For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Headquarters: Abeokuta, Nigeria

Stage: Pilot

Working In: Nigeria

Current Employees: 8

Solution Website: www.healthportafrica.com

Solution Team:

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