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omgyno: Home Testing & Telehealth

Progressive gynecology that includes home testing & telehealth options to overcome stigma & discrimination.

Team Lead

Doreen Toutikian

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Stigma surrounding female sexuality in conservative societies creates inaccess and discrimination, putting lives at risk. The lack of access to progressive gynecology clinics and doctors hinder many young girls, women, and non-gender conforming people from taking care of their sexual health, leading to life threatening diseases such as cervical cancer.

The Solution

Omgyno offers a combination of at-home testing kits and telehealth visits with gynecologists, delivered through the omgyno website. The kits are developed with a certified lab and microbiologist and allow users to take their own samples of vaginal fluid with sterilized swabs, which are then picked up and sent to the lab. Results arrive to the user by email within five working days, anonymous and encrypted, respecting the privacy of each person. There are three main types of home tests: a fully-detailed vaginal swab culture, an HPV test, and urinalysis (with urine sample). Lab results are designed so that users can learn more about the infections and what treatment options they can consider. Omgyno offers telehealth services (online consultation with HIPAA-compliant software) with progressive gynecologists that are recommended by the community. These doctors provide a safe space for all user consultations.


  • 25,000 people have spent more than two minutes on the omgyno website and viewed more than one page to learn more about services.

  • Omgyno currently has 5,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook, and 122 customers who have purchased a home test or telehealth session from the website.

Market Opportunity

Omgyno is addressing women in the reproductive age group who are living in conservative societies within the Balkans, the Middle East, and parts of Southern Europe. In this region, there are 317 million women in this age group.

Organization Highlights

omgyno partners:

  • Diagnostics labs for home testing

  • Doctors and healthcare professionals for telehealth

  • Media companies for content creation and promotion

  • Incubators and accelerators for business support

  • Feminist/student/female-focused interest groups for content creation and promotion

  • NGOs that support sexual health

Still in negotiation with: UN Women, Greek public institutions with programs for low-income women, private companies as employee health benefit packages & CSR, insurance companies, Medical device companies, women's health clinics, physiotherapy clinics.

Partnership Goals

omgyno seeks:

  • Expertise in building a sustainable business model

Organization Type: For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Headquarters: Athens, Greece

Stage: Pilot

Working In: Greece

Current Employees: 35

Solution Website: www.omgyno.com

Solution Team:

  • Doreen Toutikian Human-centered designer, cofounder & CEO, omgyno

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