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PesaKit is a last mile fintech and digital commerce startup building the future of money and commerce in the way people live and work in Africa

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Andrew Mutua

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The Problem

PesaKit is unlocking access to credit and digital finance services (DFS) for mobile money agents and merchants, 90% of whom have been locked out of commercial lending as they are deemed risky, don't have historical credit scores or lack financial literacy. Sub-Saharan Africa has over 10 million small-medium enterprises (SMEs) with a lending gap of $331 billion.

The Solution

PesaKit empowers mobile money agents and merchants across Africa to grow and prosper. It has created AI-driven, inclusive, interoperable technology rails for financial, retail and e-commerce distribution with a B2B2C model for the last mile. Its proprietary platforms have now integrated over 30 partners to enable agents and merchants to access working capital, productive asset loans, e-commerce order fulfillment, BNPL retail inventory ordering, and other essential financial services.


  • 73,862 registered, onboarded and active users (agents and merchants) on the PesaKit platform.

Market Opportunity

PesaKit serves informal micro retailers (mobile money agents and merchants) who operate in low-income communities. There are over 10 million informal micro retailers in sub-Saharan Africa who are the backbone of retail and financial services access who are trading $180 billion annually but are underserved with a lending gap of $331 billion.

Organization Highlights

  • PesaKit is operational in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana and actively serves 63,000 agents and merchants who have served over 25 million unique customers in their communities.

PesaKit has already integrated its solution with over 30 partners including:

  • Telcos/Mobile Network Operators who enable PesaKit to provide digital financial services and facilitate mobile money services.
  • Financial and Insurance partners who provide either capital or essential services such as microinsurance to the agents and merchants.
  • Technology and other strategic partners have enabled PesaKit to develop its platform and APIs that support the delivery of products and services.

Partnership Goals

PesaKit seeks:

  • Support in securing the necessary capital to fuel its expansion.
  • Guidance to navigate the intricacies of identifying the right investors, structuring compelling investment propositions, and ultimately ensuring a successful funding round.
  • Collaboration with fellow visionary partners to not only share its innovative solutions but also strategically drive their implementation across diverse regions within Africa.
  • Expertise in honing impact metrics to a refined state, while concurrently facilitating connections with diverse financial inclusion impact authorities to bolster its meticulous monitoring and evaluation process.

Organization Type:
For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Nairobi, Kenya


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Kenya, Ghana, Uganda

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