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Lucrefy helps to control small company's finance figures, such as profits and cash flow, using simple text messages via WhatsApp and Telegram.

Team Lead

Maykow Lenzi

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

Small companies have a high rate of mortality, with a maximum of three years of existence. Among the reasons for a high number of companies closing doors, the lack of financial control is one of them. Currently solutions require finance knowledge or Excel skills, or are complicated to be used.

The Solution

Lucrefy supports micro and small companies to control their finance numbers via WhatsApp or Telegram, using simple text messages. Lucrefy merges the usability, easy to access, and customer familiarity of such apps (available in more than 90% of mobile phones in several countries) with artificial intelligence to organize companies' figures. Lucrefy is a finance chatbot that uses messaging apps, APIs and AI to provide finance control using ordinary text messaging, taking advantage of NLP (Natural Language Processing), transforming common messages into financial statements and commands control.
Lucrefy works by translating sentences users share like "paid 100 products" or "sold 400 debit" or "profit", and providing graphics and analysis of the business. There is no need to use Excel software or expensive and complex finance solutions.


230 users of the Lucrefy service

Market Opportunity

Size market in Latin America is higher than 2 million companies (or $24M USD using the initial Lucrefy monthly fee). Women are the most engaged users of financial control according to the Brazilian Entrepreneurship Agency. Lucrefy seeks support permeating into micro and small enterprises across Brazil, especially those with women leadership.

Organization Highlights

  • Lucrefy was honored as an "Innovative Solution" by the São Paulo Commercial Chamber in 2023. 
  • Currently, it is undergoing a trial phase with one of Brazil's leading entrepreneurship promoter organizations in 2024. 
  • Additionally, Lucrefy has been included in the portfolio of the "Na Trilha Digital" Program, managed by Aliança Empreendedora, a MIT Solver in 2020.

Partnership Goals

Lucrefy seeks:

  • Support in expanding and reaching entrepreneurs in Brazil and beyond who have difficulty accessing financial services. Lucrefy would benefit from individuals and organizations looking for ESG programs that are familiar with prerequisites and legal aspects required for global expansion. 
  • Assistance in developing and maintaining documents and procedures for governance policies, as it aims for a potential round of investment in the future.
  • Support with engaging customers through strategic sponsored content and partnered content to achieve our planned target of 2,000 users by 2024.

Organization Type:
For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Sao Paulo, Brazil


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  • Maykow Lenzi Founder, Lucrefy

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