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Providing Latin America’s youth with expert answers to their sexual health questions

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Nicolas Acosta

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The Problem

In developing regions, an estimated 23 million teenagers are at risk of unintended pregnancy. Why? Because of information gaps, prejudice toward contraceptive use, and limited access to birth control. The implications of these barriers are severe; unplanned teen pregnancy is directly associated with higher maternal and child mortality, intergenerational cycles of poverty, and poor health.

The Solution

To counter these trends, Sexperto’s easy-to-use platform provides teens with straightforward, accurate sexual health information and immediate access to birth control appointments—for free—in a clinic that matches their health insurance plan.

Sexperto is effective because the information is simple, the platform is completely anonymous, and teens can use it anywhere, at any time. In addition to accessing information and primary care appointments, users can also connect to an abuse hotline, a mental health hotline, and emergency response. By reaching teens and connecting them to individual care, Sexperto bridges the gap between public health efforts and intended outcomes.

Market Opportunity

  • The healthcare industry is shifting from a fee-for-service model to a fee-for-value model with a strong focus on prevention.
  • Sexperto’s website increases demand for sexual health and primary care services, which appeals to insurers and clinics and hospitals.
  • Sexperto will target public and private-sector customers, beginning in other Colombian cities and will expand to additional Central and South American markets with strong ministries of health and primary care systems.

Organization Highlights

Existing Partnerships

Sexperto currently partners with a range of cross-sector organizations, including:

  • Secretary of Healthcare of Bogotá: launched a successful six-month pilot program with Sexperto; has been a champion and client of Sexperto
  • Fundación Santa Fé de Bogotá: answers sexual health questions, supported Sexperto pilot program, and will continue to support expansion
  • Insurance companies (Capital Salud, Sanitas, Compensar, and Salud Total) enabling Sexperto affiliates to book birth control appointments through the platform

Organization Goals

Sexperto seeks to broaden its impact by:

  • Building a strong network of private and public customers
  • Earning revenue through mission-aligned advertising initiatives on the platform
  • Expanding to all Spanish-speaking communities
  • Using its platform for mental health and drug consumption resources

Partnership Goals

To reach the goals mentioned above, Sexperto seeks to:

  • Partner with public health agencies in other Latin American markets
  • Partner with insurance companies to refer in-network patients
  • Partner with NGOs to open doors in particular countries or directly fund work
  • Analyze rich patient data to build out Sexperto as a predictive tool


Sexperto has provided access to birth control to 1,400 people in Colombia.

In a little over a year, Sexperto received nearly 800,000 inquiries and scheduled more than 1,000 appointments.

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Bogotá, Colombia


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Sex Education for Latin American Youth

Solver Sexperto, which provides Latin America’s youth with expert answers to their sexual health questions, received a $10,000 grant from Solve in 2018 for being selected as a Frontlines of Health Solver.

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