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Global Surgical Training Challenge

How can we create novel, low-cost surgical training modules for surgeons and surgical trainees in resource-constrained settings?

Submissions are Closed

Challenge Overview

The Intuitive Foundation, in partnership with MIT Solve and Nesta Challenges,  launched the Global Surgical Training Challenge to deliver novel, low-cost surgical training modules for surgeons and surgical trainees, especially in resource-constrained settings around the world.

This Challenge, funded by the Intuitive Foundation, will award grants in phases, starting with Discovery Awards of up to $200,000 to at least ten teams in December 2020 to support prototype development. $500,000 will be awarded at the Finalist stage to advance model development, and $1 million will be awarded to the team that has demonstrated that its original model and additional models developed as a Finalist are validated and impactful.

Who are we looking for? 

Do you have a passion for surgical education or specialize in the creation of simulation technology? We are looking for: 

  • Education specialists with experience working in resource-constrained settings;  
  • Surgeons, midwives, and nurses with experience working in resource-constrained settings;
  • Engineers and software and game developers; and 
  • Artists, medical illustrators, and designers.

How can you participate?

For this Challenge, Solve will host Solveathon workshops—virtual, high-energy workshops designed to build teams and strengthen applications—in five regions, starting in July 2020. We encourage all interested applicants to participate in these workshops to prepare for the Challenge. Click here for more information and to register.

During these workshops, you will:

  • Connect with professionals interested in surgical training;
  • Further your understanding of the Challenge and the requirements to apply;
  • Build or expand your project team;
  • Refine your project through facilitated design thinking activities developed at Solve; and
  • Learn to compile a skills assessment framework.

How can you apply?

The Discovery Awards will accept submissions from September 16 through November 11, 2020. Sharing a project on MIT Solve's website is designed to help build teams and refine surgical training projects for the Challenge. You will need to complete a separate application via this link to be considered for the Discovery Awards. 


Accepting Solutions

  • Discovery Award Grant Application Opens
  • Discovery Award Submission Deadline

Evaluating Solutions

  • Evaluating applications for Discovery Awards
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