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Someone Somewhere

A digitally native brand on a mission to lift millions of artisans out of poverty

Team Lead

Antonio Nuno

Solution Pitch

The Problem

One out of every 25 people in the world is an artisan living in poverty. There are more than 12 million artisans in Mexico alone, with over 70 percent experiencing poverty or extreme poverty. Mexican artisans face difficulties bridging the online and physical worlds and successfully accessing the modern marketplace. 

The Solution

Someone Somewhere’s model allows artisans to increase their monthly income by 300% by tying their crafts to high value products, solid sales channels, and a well recognized brand. Their in-house team learns each artisans technique and uses market data and trends to design marketable products together with the artisans. Artisans make the handmade elements of each product, and Someone Somewhere assembles all materials in specialized workshops. Artisans’ products are sold online and across five stores.


Someone Somewhere has generated more than 50,000 hours of work for rural artisans since the pandemic started.

Market Opportunity

35 percent of millennials and centennials spend $35 billion each year on apparel and gear. Someone Somewhere’s products combine design, smart functionality and social impact, making them ideal to this demographic. Someone Somewhere plans to expand to Europe and Asia, which represent $50 billion in market potential. Their long term goal is to be the brand that connects the 300 million artisans around the world with the 300 million millennials in this target segment.

Organization Highlights

  • Named as Forbes 30 under 30 2020, GSBI and Unreasonable Fellows.

  • Featured in GQ, Esquire, Business Insider, Fashionista, WWD, Gear Junkie, Stacklist, The Epoch Times and more than 30 other publications in 2020

Partnership Goals

Someone Somewhere currently seeks:

  • Connecting to investors and funders

  • Connecting to distributors in the USA

  • Marketing and branding exposure 

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Mexico City, Mexico


Working in:

31 Full Time
20 Part Time


Solution Team:

  • Antonio Nuno Co-founder & CEO, Someone Somewhere

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