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Tamo Junto

A free, mobile-friendly online platform that helps Brazilian low-income microentrepreneurs develop their business

Team Lead

Luisa Bonin

Solution Pitch

The Problem

For every formal entrepreneur in Brazil, there are three in the informal market. Without business training or a formal education, entrepreneurs struggle to price their goods and services, formalize their business, acquire microcredit, or access social security benefits. For many Brazilian families, small businesses are the only source of income. 

The Solution

Tamo Junto is an online platform that offers free, quick, downloadable video classes, articles, and tools that can be accessed online or by any cell phone. TamoJunto is the first Brazilian platform with content designed directly for low-income micro-entrepreneurs. TamoJunto’s free online learning tool empowers Brazilian micro-entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to formalize their businesses. 

Stats has supported 75,176 Brazilian low-income microentrepreneurs online for free, with a finalization rate of 28 percent at the MOOC courses.

Market Opportunity

Brazil has 53.5 million entrepreneurs and 8.8 million of them are low-income microentrepreneurs that did not finish high school. They are hardworking people with businesses full of potential, but lack appropriate knowledge and support to develop their micro business in order to have a stable source of income for their families. As 70 percent of Brazilian households have internet access, TamoJunto’s goal is to offer free online support for 1 million microentrepreneurs until the end of 2025.

Organization Highlights

  • Co-Founder Luísa Bonin Selected as a Youth Action Net Fellow by International Youth Foundation in 2016

  • Selected as a Cisco Youth Leadership Prize Finalist by Global Citizen in 2019

Partnership Goals

TamoJunto currently seeks: 

  • More organizations for longer term investing 

  • More branding exposure

  • Expanded client base 

  • Cost-reduction on web services

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Curitiba-PR, Brazil


Working in:



Solution Team:

  • Luisa Bonin Co-founder of Tamo Junto, Aliança Empreendedora
  • Mayara Paiva dos Santos Communication assistant of Tamo Junto, Aliança Empreendedora

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