2020 Health Security & Pandemics


AHSA Platform

An AI-driven platform that forecasts demand for essential healthcare products and ensures their timely delivery across African health systems

Team Lead

Bramuel Mwalo

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Covid-19 has shone a harsh light on weak health security and resilience planning worldwide. Governments and donors are the primary funders of the healthcare systems in Africa, serving over 70 percent of the 1.3 billion population. With these actors barely covering crucial budgets, their ability to efficiently anticipate, adequately prepare, and correctly deploy resources to respond to health threats is severely stifled.

The Solution

AHSA Platform is an artificial intelligence-driven platform that provides powerful visualizations in tracking disease burdens and forecasting the demand of essential healthcare products. Using action triggers and recommendations, AHSA provides a robust collaboration framework that ensures seamless just-in-time sourcing with tools to support resource mobilization needed for procurement and on time delivery of orders by suppliers. Depending on the required outputs, AHSA Platform ranges from simple business intelligence models to complex artificial intelligence models that can predict and prescribe outcomes. 

AHSA Platform provides a scalable end-to-end holistic approach, with the potential to unlock trade and investment opportunities and transform how essential health products are sourced.


AHSA Platform is currently providing Kenya’s Government with the capability to scale Universal Health Coverage to over 30 million people.

Market Opportunity

AHSA’s target demographic is the roughly 900 million people who depend solely on public healthcare in Africa. The healthcare supplies market in Kenya is valued at $800 million annually and the wider African market at $200 billion. Governments and donors in Africa currently over spend by 20 percent on the procurement of essential health products. An additional estimate of 30 percent is wasted annually due to inefficiency and corruption. It is generally estimated that Africa loses more than $300 billion every year in wasted resources and missed investments and trade opportunities due to lack of information systems in the healthcare sector. 

Organization Goals

  • Scale up Kenya operations to form the most robust healthcare products sourcing intelligence and planning platform for public, private and NGO ecosystems 

  • Launch the Africa Health Security Alliance initiative that will convene the largest network of responders, partners and decision makers, setting stage to expand beyond Kenya 

Partnerships Goals

AHSA Platform seeks:

  • Partners to join fundraising rounds or enhance fundraising success, both through investment and grants

  • Experts in health supply chain management interested in joining xetova’s advisory board

  • Mentorship or advice on building an organizational PR & marketing strategy

  • Opportunities for exposure and exchange of thought process around use of technology & AI in Africa’s health security planning

Solver Team

Organization Type:
Hybrid of For-Profit and Non-Profit

Nairobi, Kenya


Working in:



Solution Team:

  • Wambui Karobia Commercial Operations Lead, xetova Services Limited
  • Sonia Mfasoni Engagement Lead, xetova
  • Bramuel Mwalo Founder and CEO, Xetova
  • Neelofer Shariff Product Design Lead, xetova Services Limited
  • Kevin Waki Product Development Lead, xetova

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