2020 Health Security & Pandemics



A spatial and temporal predictive analytics Decision Support System (DSS) for public health and governance

Team Lead

Aditya Sharma

Solution Pitch

The Problem

India’s public health sector is allocated only 2 percent of the country’s GDP, contributing to an inefficient and disorganized data system that puts its 1.3 billion citizens at risk. Health data in India is often non-digitized and does not adhere to periodicity. The system also suffers from a lack of geo-coding and missing metadata, while continuous temporal and spatial data are almost non-existent. 

The Solution

MapSights is a web-desktop application designed for regional health systems that records field data in a digital standardized format with geo-coding to enable accurate health data tracking (e.g. vaccination rollout or rapid antigen testing). MapSights allows users to host multiple functional modules, such as disease tracking and relief distribution, in a single project using direct data entries or imported databases. It provides geo-processing tools for data operations on an intuitive application interface. MapSights uses spatial analytics and AI/ML to enable inference and decision making, providing the benefits of robust and scientific data processing to all the stakeholders.


The geospatial decision support tools launched during the pandemic helped over 30,000 personnel effectively deploy assets, make informed decisions on containment zones, and stock up on essential supplies—benefiting 27 million people

Market Opportunity

India's geospatial data intelligence sector is expected to value $20 billion by 2025. Currently, the estimated annual budget of government agencies for Geographic Information System services is roughly $5 billion. Due to its modular nature, MapSights is customizable and repurposable for different situational needs and can go beyond public health, into community functions such as policing, environment, and disaster-relief.

Organization Highlights

  • Formally recognized by the Haryana Chief Minister’s Office for contributions to the pandemic response unit

  • Recognized by the Haryana State police service for lending support and assistance during the pandemic lockdown phase

  • Partnered with Chandigarh City Administration to create applications and tools that seek to reduce individual carbon footprint and help in targeted implementation of environmental programs

  • MapSights work has been featured and shared by the United United States India Educational Foundation and the United States Embassy

Partnership Goals

Sparrow Analytics currently seeks:

  • Partners to join fundraising rounds or enhance fundraising success, both through investment and grants

  • Mentorship or advice on developing a long-term business model and strategy from serial entrepreneurs focused on digital technologies, with experience working with local governments, and interest in joining Sparrow Analytics’ advisory board

  • Technical advisors on GIS technology and its applications in governance and industry

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Panchkula, India


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Solution Team:

  • Dr. Debanshu Roy Sparrow Analytics
  • Aditya Sharma Founder-Director, Sparrow Analytics

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