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Moskeet (TrakitNow, Inc)

Real-time, integrated vector and disease management platform for prevention and control of mosquito-borne diseases

Team Lead

Satish Cherukumalli

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Almost 700 million people contract a mosquito-borne illness every year. Mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika lead to more than a million deaths a year and put a severe strain on public health systems and local economies, with an overall annual cost of $100 Billion. These illnesses take a heavy toll on people living in developing nations as they both impede economic growth and thrive in regions with high pollution, poor housing conditions, and unsafe water. 

The Solution

TrakitNow’s solution is a Smart Mosquito Diseases Control System that uses state-of-the-art IoT and AI technology to operate autonomously and provide real-time mosquito population data both by location and species. There are four key components to the solution: sensor network, social network, real-time analytics, and predictive analytics. Moskeet provides real-time analytics on mosquito surveillance & control, disease transmission, outbreaks, and hot spots. Moskeet’s sensors use novel AI algorithms to classify mosquitoes. The application provides density heat maps, conditions affecting breeding, health information, and vector control history. 

The platform is designed to capture data across several areas like epidemiology, entomology, socioeconomic conditions, location, and weather to help in the effective management of diseases. Moskeet’s roadmap includes the addition of real-time detection of viruses, and/or parasites in mosquito saliva.


Moskeet is currently deployed across 5 smart cities in India benefiting a total of 325,000 people.

Market Opportunity

The potential upside of eradicating Malaria, a single mosquito-borne disease, by 2040 is enormous: 11 million lives and $2 trillion dollars saved. Currently, a single disease occurrence in a family in a developing country can push them into poverty and disrupt their child’s education. Moskeet’s target markets include local government agencies, private housing communities or commercial properties, and individual residences. Approximately $5 billion per year is spent on mosquito-control activities globally.  Additionally, the mosquito control service market in private residential and commercial sectors is $575 million per year, and citizens spend $15 billion annually on mosquito repellents and related devices. 

Organization Highlights

  • NPR’s Mike Switzer interviewed co-founder and CEO Satish Cherukumalli

  • Received Amazon’s AI Conclave Award in AI for Good category, Best Social Entrepreneur Award at Action for India Summit, StartUp Award at IoT India Congress, Best Startup Award at IT Server Alliance Startup Cube, Atlanta Georgia

  • Invited to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2018, the Health Transformation Summit, and more

Partnership Goals

TrakitNow currently seeks:

  • Partners to join fundraising rounds or enhance fundraising success, both through investment and grants

  • Experts in public health & mosquito-borne diseases interested in joining TrakitNow’s advisory board

  • Connections to  existing mosquito-borne disease control programs funded and monitored by global agencies like WHO, Gates Foundation etc 

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Columbia, United States


Working in:
US, India & shortly South East Asia and South Africa



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