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Evidence-based digital trauma therapy platform using neuroscience to advance mental health care accessibility for marginalized communities.

Team Lead

Sakeena Mihar

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

Despite the high prevalence of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), (about 13% of the population having PTSD globally), accessing mental health care to treat trauma and PTSD is a challenge due to barriers like access, finance, language, and geography, leading to co-morbidities of depression, anxiety and suicide ideation.

The Solution

Savyn is a digital PTSD therapy platform using neuroscience to improve PTSD symptoms, distress, anxiety, and depression by 60% in eight weeks. It is validated by Sick Kids Research Institute study. The goal of Savyn is to provide access to care in vulnerable communities like refugee populations, shelters and clinical settings where wait times are long and care can be expensive. Savyn is currently being used by hospitals, refugee settlement agencies and first-aid responders.


  • 40,150 lives are directly affected from the full product, Savyn, (150 patients) and those using the beta version called SavynCares (40,000 users).
  • As of September 2023, Savyn has collaborations with one refugee organization (with 3+ partnerships across Canada under discussion), one  mental health hospital, one pediatric hospital and one private clinic for pilot studies and developing paid product models.

Market Opportunity

  • Total addressable market (TAM): ~28 million people (Canada) + 79.5 million refugees (worldwide)
  • 70% of adults will experience trauma (NCBH)
  • Serviceable available market (SAM): ~10 million people
  • PTSD (Statistics Canada)
  • Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM): ~6 million people
  • B2B: 952 EMDR therapists, 150 agencies, and institutes  
    Predicted revenue in two years: Upwards of $10 million

Organization Highlights

Savyn’s current partnerships include:

  • Pilot research studies with the following institutions and organizations: Sick Kids Research Institute, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, William Osler Health System, All of You Private Clinics
  • Support from the following incubator, accelerator, and innovator support programs: McMaster University (affiliated with Innovation Factory's accelerator for the pilot at St Joe's Hospital), St. Michael’s Hospital & Toronto Metropolitan University, and Brampton Venture Zone.
  • NorthPine Foundation: partnership to fund refugee mental health and procurement
  • The Refugee Centre Montreal
  • Aurora Mental Health
  • JumpStart
  • Open Doors Saskatoon

Partnership Goals

Savyn seeks:

  • Mentorship to close a future pre-seed round and support from impact and life sciences investors, which includes support with pitch deck.
  • Commercialization of products to clinics and other organizations that support vulnerable populations with trauma. Advice is needed for procurement pathways for the product.
  • Support with regulatory compliance for FDA and CanHealth for Software as a Medical Device.

Organization Type:
For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Toronto, Canada


Working In:
Canada, United States

Current Employees:

Solution Website:

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Solution Team:

  • Sakeena Mihar CEO and co-founder, Savyn Tech Inc

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