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Elythea is a machine learning (ML) platform to catch and prevent life-threatening complications of pregnancy in low-resource settings.

Team Lead

Reetam Ganguli

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

Mothers in rural areas of low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are more likely to die from missed medical complications. Prior access and knowledge to medical support can empower them to deliver in tertiary care hospitals, get prophylactic treatment, and allow care providers to prepare support like blood products in advance if they are at-risk for a complication like hemorrhaging.

The Solution

More than 80% of maternal mortalities are preventable with early intervention. Currently, doctors miss more than 50% of mothers who have life-threatening complications, and wait until labor to start doing manual risk assessments.

Elythea's proprietary ML models catch life-threatening obstetric complications (like postpartum hemorrhage, preeclampsia/eclampsia, emergency c-section, preterm labor, and more) as soon as the first visit. The program automatically analyzes relevant demographic and clinical risk factors, flags high-risk patients, and provides evidence-based interventions to prevent the complication altogether.

Elythea has completed prospective international clinical trials across the USA, Cameroon, and Nigeria demonstrating that its models have better performance than the current gold standard clinical methods.


  • 1,000 lives directly impacted through clinical trials across Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana. 

Market Opportunity

Preventable pregnancy complications in LMICs

Organization Highlights

Elythea has current partnerships with:

  • Medanjali: In process of signing contract to reach 100,000 rural moms and up to 1 million rural Indian patients by the end of 2024.
  • Maternal fetal medicine organization: letter of intent signed to reach >55,000 moms
  • North Carolina Clinic
  • Infiuss Health: Reaching 1,500 African mothers across three countries from randomized controlled trials

Partnership Goals

Elythea seeks introductions to anyone working at Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs), state Medicaid programs, large commercial health plans, smaller community health plans, and value based care (VBC) hospital systems. They also seek assistance in working with government systems and hospitals in LMICs to improve risk scores for its mothers and help its providers intervene before life-threatening complications occur.

Organization Type:
For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

San Jose, United States


Working In:
USA, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana

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