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The Horizon Prize: 2021

How can technology help people with rare diseases get the right care faster and more accurately?

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Challenge Overview

Today, there are more than 7,000 rare diseases affecting over 400 million people worldwide. People who have a rare disease often find themselves misunderstood and underserved by health care systems. An estimated four in ten patients with rare disease experience initial misdiagnoses–often resulting in unnecessary harm, frustration, expense, and disease progression. Some estimates indicate these patients may wait nearly five years and see an average of seven different health care providers before their condition is accurately diagnosed.

Technology can be a powerful tool to unlock improved pathways for rare disease patients. Telemedicine can speed up connections to specialists such as genetic counselors and oncologists. Advanced analytics can identify patterns in misdiagnosis and guide better decision making. And patient-centered innovations can promote community and agency among rare disease patients.

The Horizon Prize, powered by MIT Solve, seeks technology-based solutions that use data to help rare disease patients get the right care faster and more accurately. To that end, this Challenge seeks solutions that:

  • Leverage big data and analytics to improve the detection and diagnosis of rare diseases

  • Address the unjust and disproportionate burden of rare diseases faced by disinvested communities and historically underrepresented identity groups

  • Promote community and connection among rare disease patients and their advocates

  • Unlock collaboration among patients, scientists, and health care providers to improve patient outcomes


Up to $150,000 in prize funding is available for up to two solution teams selected for The Horizon Prize. 

Finalists will be invited to pitch their solutions to a panel of distinguished judges in September 2021. 

The Horizon Prize encourages and actively seeks solutions led by people with rare diseases and from underrepresented groups and identities. 


Accepting Solutions

  • Challenge Opens
  • Extended Deadline: 12pm EDT

Evaluating Solutions

  • Pitch Event
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