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2020 Mission Billion Challenge: Global Prize

This Global Prize seeks solutions that address gender equality and inclusion of vulnerable populations by putting all people at the heart of identification systems.

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Submitted Solutions

UnifyID Passive Authentication

We use sensor data from smartphones to provide highly-accurate, passive biometric authentication to low-end devices.

By John Whaley


Voices Of Venezuela

Deliver crucial information directly to migrant communities while building community support for solution implementation.

By Jason Rovig


Internet Identity Card ™

The Internet Identity Card ™ is for Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time.

By Mr Michael Benaudis Mr

Paycode EDAPT

Technology platform that gives people in deep rural areas biometric identity and access to financial services and more, offline in real-time

By Ms Heidi Patmore


Phoneless Holder Wallets for All

People without Smartphones can own a portable hardware wallet that securely stores digital verifiable credentials & present them offline.

By Sergio Mello


ECOMMERCE PLATFORM to help eradicate unemployment,women empowerment, gender equality and promote regional growth as well as national growth

By Mr Subrat Das

VOICE Global Sovereignty for Women/Girls

Amplifying Voices and Gaining Independence for Women & Girls in Conflict Affected Countries

By Mendy Marsh

Orígenes, Global & Inclusive Digital ID.

Using short message service we shorten long distances to most vulnerable populations. Receiving personal data and returning legal digital ID

By Carlos Ons


ERS Concerso

Cooperation and investment platform for employability and better living together through the innovative inclusive model ERS®

By 0615115715 Florence Lacave

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