2022 Indigenous Communities Fellowship


Mana Mama / Anax Angil

Bringing maternal child health into the home and across Turtle Island.

Team Lead

Jacquelyn Ingram

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Native mothers and babies are at higher risk for maternal child health disparities, with unique needs when it comes to accessing care. Some of the major issues include; lack of access to prenatal care starting in the first trimester, babies born prematurely, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders being under diagnosed, and lactation specialists hard to find or afford. In Indigenous populations, there may also be health care deserts, lack of information and resources, and providers that are not congruent with the community and culture.

The Solution

Mana Mama / Anax Angil aims to give every parent and baby access to high quality health information, education, advocacy, lactation support, and related resources via telehealth visits, a 24/7 live chat platform, and a mobile clinic van. The health access line is staffed around the clock with licensed health care professionals, allowing questions to seamlessly go into HIPAA-protected video visits. These services are easily accessible on a smartphone, and people can go online whenever they have a question or need support and receive live responses from an experienced provider. Whether in person or virtual, 100% of clients are screened for mental health, so that no one is left behind. This allows for professional referrals to all that desire it, with telehealth options available for mental health therapy.


  • 2,076 individuals currently access clinical care via the non profit organization, not including Covid-19 vaccine recipients. This figure includes those accessing the 24/7 health access line as well as in person clinical care.

Market Opportunity

Mana Mama / Anax Angil focuses on pregnant, birthing and new families in Indigenous communities and underserved areas.

Organization Highlights

  • Direct Relief: kind donations and operational support

  • AlohaCare: mental health project / member supplemental service program

  • Ryse: provides clinical care to residential youth in shelters

  • Hale Kipa: provides clinical care to transitional residents

  • Hawaii Food Bank: non-perishable items for clients, including food and formula

  • Lanikila: COVID-19 services including testing and vaccines

  • Catholic Charities: partner for rental assistance and other programs

  • Family Promise: direct referrals

  • PACT: COVID-19 vaccinations and health screenings

  • Pharmacare: vaccines and clinical supplies

  • Ma'i Movement: period products

  • Unite Us: client referrals

Partnership Goals

Mana Mama / Anax Angil seeks:

  • Capital for sustainability, marketing, networking

  • Expertise on grant applications

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Headquarters: Honolulu, HI

Stage: Pilot

Working In: Hawaii, United States

Current Employees: 21

Solution Website: www.hmhb-hawaii.org

Solution Team:

  • Sunny Chen Executive Director, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawai'i
  • Jacquelyn Ingram Midwife, global health advocate, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii

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